About us

SKIL - Sharing Knowledge, Interpreting Languages was born out of a desire to share ... not only knowledge, but also a passion for discovery, languages and people at large, as well as a curiosity that we cultivate and fuel as a way of life, day after day. At the very heart of this project, we combine the enthusiasm to learn and to pass on valuable knowledge with proven, globally-recognized methods and with exemplary standards.

SKIL provides teaching in foreign languages that is entirely based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

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As a polyglot and a fast learner, I have had an atypical and internationally oriented career, and have also developed a keen sense of rapport. I am a a discerning pedagogue and I know how to be patient, attentive and full of empathy.

My various academic and professional stays abroad, in English, Arabic and Spanish-speaking countries, enabled me to acquire solid linguistic skills as well as an in-depth knowledge of these cultures and civilizations.

Work History

Lyon & Saint-Étienne, France
Self-employed entrepreneur: Teacher, Translator, Interpreter, and Content Writer.
ACADOMIA : Teacher of English and Spanish as foreign languages.
Bogotá, Colombia
French and English (as foreign languages) Teacher both as an independent teacher, and for various educational institutions among which: Centro Electrónico de Idiomas, American School Way, British College, etc.
Damascus, Syria
French as a foreign language and Philosophy Teacher
Lyon, France
Account manager and social security adviser, later promoted to Junior Manager in charge of an academic sector, for the company LMDE, first French student insurance company.
- Delivered speeches, administered sales and customer service, managed, hired, and trained new employees.
Washington D.C., U.S.A.
Honorable Correspondent for the French Embassy in Washington D.C.
- Collaborated with the chancellery on behalf of the first adviser.
- Attended conferences and lectures in the city's think tanks and wrote reports on those events.
Portsmouth, England
Au pair in a British family during the summer break.
- Looked after and took care of the well-being of three children of 7, 8 and 13 years old.


Lyon, France
University Lumière Lyon 2
M.A. in Translation and Interpretation - International Communication in Health Sciences.
- Expected graduation date: June 2023.
Beirut, Lebanon
Jan.-May 2021
School of Translators and Interpreters of Beirut, Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ)
- Academic semester as an international exchange student.
Lyon, France
University Lumière Lyon 2
B.A. in Applied Foreign Languages (English, Arabic, and Russian) obtained summa cum laude. Bachelor's degree diploma
Damascus, Syria
March-Dec. 2011
High Institute for Languages, University of Damascus
- Intensive Arabic training. Reached fluency in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Certificate of the University of Damascus
Washington D.C., U.S.A.
Georgetown University
- Academic year as an international exchange student specializing on International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies.
Lyon, France
Institute of Political Studies - Sciences Po Lyon
- Validated the first two years and obtained the academic diploma of the contemporary Arab world (DUMAC).
Saint-Chamond, France
Baccalauréat: French High School Diploma, obtained summa cum laude in the economic and social sciences section. High School Diploma

Abilities & Skills


- French : level C2, native speaker

- English : level C1

- Spanish : level C1

- Arabic : level B2

- Russian : level A2


- Teach a specific subject to a group;

- Identify with students their objectives in learning the language;

- Prepare and design lessons, practical exercises, tests and examinations;

- Correct and evaluate students' productions (homework, classroom activities and mock exams;

- Determine students' level, strengths and gaps plan a suitable program of study;

- Provide feedbacks to students concerning their written and oral productions;

- Follow and advise pupils and students in the organization of personal work;

- Provide information on academic assessment materials and inform headteachers, colleagues, and parents of the progress made and the work to be done.

Translation & Writing

- Understand texts, dialogues and reproduce them to interlocutors or on documents in another language;

- Define the translation methods according to the context;

- Create glossaries, produce conceptual diagrams and ontologies and compile corpuses and terminological databases;

- Carry out terminological watch and monitoring in a specialty area or sub-domain;

- Write reports, publications, articles, as well as technical and scientific research;

- Adapt the style and the language register according to the target audience or reader.

Management & Business Administration

- Provide information to clients and consider their requests;

- Draw up a price quotation;

- Check the conditions for completing an order;

- Save the data of an order;

- Draw up abill;

- Conduct negotiations in a foreign language;

- Carry out Phoning and Emailing operations;

- Establish a commercial strategy.

Information Technology

- IT and Internet Certificate (C2I);

- Operating Systems: Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS;

- Office Software : Microsoft Office, LibreOffice;

- Video Conferencing : Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Lifesize, BigBlueButton, Skype;

- Other Software : Trados (Computer-assisted Translation - CAT), TermoStat Web 3.0 (Natural Language Processing - NLP), Atom, Gimp;

- Programming languages and Front-End development:


- CSS3

- Javascript

Others & cross-disciplinary skills

- Speak in front of a large audience;

- Develop reasoning and arguments and justify professional choices and decisions;

- International driving license.